Monday, February 13, 2017

Cam-Rah Professional Series Tripod Kit (CAMRAHUNI)

It's been awhile since I made a video for my business page so I didn't get a chance to use this Tripod Kit until now and WOW!

Picture this, before I got this kit, I cleared off my tall end table stand in the living room. Then I stacked things, often books, on top to get it high enough and then used a bendy stand to try to hold my phone up. It was often falling over so I'd stack things behind it to hold it up. It was not an ideal set up but it was what I had around. Then I found the Cam-Rah Tripod Kit and I'm no longer stacking things haphazardly to get my phone camera into an upright position for my videos.

Inside the box there were 4 items and a card with website. I went online to the website and watched the 7 1/2 minute video to find out how to use this thing. I'm sure I could have figured it out myself but I found the video straight and to the point as well as containing some helpful tips that probably would have taken me awhile to stumble upon. There is the tripod stand. It has a clip that releases easily when the 2 buttons are depressed. It is suggested to always depress the 2 buttons when releasing or putting the part back into place to not break anything. There is a phone holder that extends out but I have a Samsung Note 4 so it was not wide enough for me to use. I was a little bummed about that but there was another part in the kit that has an adjustable holder that worked. I attached my phone to it, being careful not to tighten too much and to offset it from the center power button on my phone. I then quick-released the 2 buttons and attached the metal holder. (Sorry, my terminology is terrible for this item but I hope you get the point.) Using the quick release, I attached it to the tripod and my phone stood straight up. It's super cool that there is a ball joint underneath that can be adjusted to move the phone around to just the right angle as desired.  I turned my phone on and recorded my video without any issues. It was so easy. I could have used this months ago.

I have yet to use the bluetooth remote. But I imagine that it will be pretty easy & handy to be able to snap pics from the tripod. Super cool thing, there is a lifetime warranty on the pieces. All you have to do is contact the company and they will send you a replacement part. They've listened to customers suggestions and even added a  lanyard to the remote and made the adjustable clamp piece out of a more durable product. The company seems as though they really care about what their customers think and are always trying to improve their product. Always nice to have a company like that!

Thank you for making it so easy to record videos now. This Tripod is large enough, yet portable for many things that I like to use my phone for. I do wish that the expandable holder was large enough for my Note 4. I'm going to suggest it expand a little farther to the company.

Disclosure: I received a discount on this product in order to try it out and write a review. This however, does not take away from the fact that this is a great product that I would happily purchase again, even without a discount. Spend the $25 on this if you need to make videos with your phone.

CamRah Flexible Tripod Pro Series with Bluetooth Shutter Remote and Dual Phone Mounts

Sale:$24.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members
You Save:$25.00 (50%)

Cam-Rah Tripod

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