Thursday, December 8, 2016

Artistique Premium Colored Pencils (ARTISTP48)

With all the Adult coloring books available now, it's easy to find a use for these amazing colored pencils. Plus my girls just love to color!

These pencils color smooth and flawless. I like the round cardboard style tube they came in. It's more durable than a standard box that we usually get colored pencils in.  Even with 4 kids and toting these pencils around the house & on trips, I can see this tube lasting for a very long time keeping the pencils in great shape.  At first, I was thinking that $11 seemed a bit pricey for 48 pencils but when I looked up the cost of another well-known brand, for just 2 more pencils, their price was nearly the same.  If you are looking for some high-quality colored pencils to have on hand for sketching, drawing, and using in adult coloring books, I recommend these and would give them a 4 1/2 to 5 stars. Despite using them quite a bit so far, we haven't had to sharpen them yet. I will add an update as soon as I have to sharpen any to let you know if they sharpen evenly like I anticipate and hope they will. The only thing that I can really ding these pencils on is that they don't have the names of the colors on the pencils. Some of the darker colors are so dark that I keep a piece of paper to mark a line so I know what I'm working with. Other than that, these pencils are great!

Artistique Premium Colored Pencils Set of 48 - Best Professional Artist Preferred Colored Pencil Kit For Sketching, Drawing, Drafting, Coloring - Assorted Colors

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Artistique Premium Colored Pencils

Disclosure: I received a discount on these pencils in return for sharing my honest review. Each review I do, whether I pay full price or receive a discount, is done with integrity. My goal is to help others be able to purchase worthwhile products and not waste hard earned money on junky products.

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  1. I wish I would have seen this Review sooner. I have purchased two different packs of colored pencils. The one I got I guess I have used it a lot and it needs to be sharpened bur I have yet to sharpen it. I just feel like I'm going to loose a lot of the pencil. So I will sharpen it & get back with you.