Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bissela Packing Cubes (BISSELA)

I've had my eye on some packing cubes for quite some time and I just couldn't bring myself to spend the $30 for a set since I don't travel that much. I love to organize things and I love to be organized when traveling. Especially if my whole family of 6 is traveling together. I finally took the jump when I was selected to purchase this set as a discounted price and boy am I glad that I did. This set is AMAZING!  Not only does it come with 6 pieces for this set but holy moly can you pack a lot of stuff in these cubes. I live in the Northern Midwest region and we often have to wear layers upon layers in order to stay comfortable. When it comes to packing, I often think the same way and tend to pack a lot to be on the safe side.  Using these cubes to pack for trips has been simply wonderful.  The zippers work great and don't catch. You can roll many articles of clothing into each piece in order to fit and organize everything nicely. They are light weight so they won't add a lot of extra bulk to your suitcase or cause you to pay extra when flying. The set also comes with a laundry bag or you could use it for shoes to protect all your other clothes. And they included a write on wipe off general packing list. I have the turquoise colored ones and they are a very pretty color. Functional AND pretty. Just what I like! Each of the cubes has ventilated netting so your clothes can breathe. And they each have a handle for carrying if you choose to use them for other things. The laundry bag has a drawstring closure.

I recently loaned my mother in law these packing cubes and she said she couldn't believe what a difference they made in her packing for her plane trip.

I give these packing cubes 5 out of 5 stars!

Disclosure: I was compensated with a discounted price in order to give my honest review. After using these, I can honestly say that I would recommend purchasing them even at their regular price, especially if you travel a lot. Talk about making your life easier. When I check products out, I try to remember the things that I look for when searching for a new product and whether I should take a chance and spend hard earned money on it. These are worth it! A review with integrity is important to me. Bissela Packing Cubes

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  1. These packing cubes look like they would be everything that you would need for keeping it altogether, and there would be NO Question, "Did I get Everything that I Needed? Now I would Know I that I have it. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a Must Have for Traveling.