Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Kitxentools Cooking & Grill Mat Review (KIXENX)

I enjoy grilling in the summer & have been known to bundle in my winter coat, hat, & gloves to grill even when it's close to 0 degrees outside. For the last several years I have tried all sorts of non-stick grilling pans and such to help my kabobs and fish not stick and fall apart as they cook on the grill.  When I came across these reusable mats I was ecstatic to try them.

There are 2 mats in the package and they are non-stick and reusable. I used them on my grill to make fish & I would definitely give them 5 stars!!!!  These things were amazing. The fish didn't stick to them, even when it was nearly done. AND, this is huge, I was able to use tongs to turn the fish fillets and they mostly stayed in one piece. I didn't use a spatula flipper. I actually didn't need to because they cooked perfectly yet did not stick. I highly recommend these mats! They will get a ton of use in my kitchen.

They can be used on the grill, oven, pans, and more. And talk about easy clean up. They wiped clean so quickly that there won't be any complaints from my kids when it comes time for them to clean up after dinner. No need to scrub them, a warm soapy cloth had them clean in no time. I wish I had found them sooner. And I've got to figure out the best place to store them. For now, I dry them and roll them up and put them back in the box that they came in and keep it in the cupboard. I'm not really sure what they are made out of but the box says that they are dishwasher safe. And you can cut them if you need to fit them into a smaller pan. Please note that it cautions not to use metal utensils on these mats despite what you may see in the pics that are on the link below. I would recommend plastic or silicone utensils just to be safe not to tear the mats.

My kids have asked me to use these on the baking sheets because it makes clean up so much easier and quicker. I think they also help the food cook more evenly. Love these and have been using them a lot since I initially typed up a review.

Disclosure: I did get mine for a special price but have given you an honest review based upon whether I'd be willing to pay the price it is listed for.

I would definitely pay the $9 for a set of these. I am really impressed with how awesome they were to cook with and the amazingly fast cleanup and that they are reusable!!! I have used them many times since this initial use.


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Kitxentools BBQ Grill Mat - Set of 2 Easy to Clean Non-Stick Grilling Mats - 15.75 x 13 Inch - Reusable Mats for Cooking or Grilling with Gas Grills Charcoal or Electric Barbecue Grills

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